About the authors

Vinay Pagay

Dr Vinay Pagay (BEng, BSc Hons, MSc, PhD) is a Senior Lecturer in Viticulture at The University of Adelaide, Australia. He has researched grapevines for over 20 years and teaches in the areas of grapevine physiology, and vineyard engineering and technology. 

Vinay has worked in vineyards, wineries and grape/wine research institutions on four continents, but is particularly passionate about Australian viticulture, which brought him to The University of Adelaide in 2015.  

His current research focuses on understanding the effects of climate on grapevine performance, grape and wine composition and quality, as well as application of proximal and remote sensing tools to improve vineyard management. He also works on grapevine signalling under stress, grapevine virology and clonal selection. 

Vinay is the co-inventor of two novel crop water status sensors, both of which have been commercialised. He is the co-founder of Athena IR-Tech, based in Adelaide, South Australia.