About the authors

Cassandra Collins

Professor Christopher Steel (BSc Hons., PhD) has taught viticulture and wine science at Charles Sturt University since 1995. Prior to joining Charles Sturt University, he completed periods of post-doctoral training at the University College of Wales, Aberystwyth, with the agrochemical industry in Switzerland and with the NSW Department of Agriculture. During his time in Europe his research involved studies on the mode of action of fungicides. After arriving in Australia in 1991 his research had a greater emphasis on viticulture when he commenced studies on fungicide resistance in Botrytis grey mould of grapes and the physiological responses of the grapevine to fungal infection.

Much of his research conducted over a period of 30 or more years has been concerned with grapevine disease management, and more recently, the effects fungal diseases of grapes have on grape and wine quality. Chris is best known for his work on Botrytis and other bunch rots of grapes. He has led the wine science and viticulture undergraduate and post graduate teaching programs at Charles Sturt University for over 25 years.